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My daughter and I cherished the time together in the Indian Princesses program.  Our vests, covered with patches provided memories of all the events we attended.  However, sadly, once we graduate they will probably wind up in the back of the closet and rarely see the light of day. 


I was looking for something that I could display, as a memory of the adventures we had together camping, making new friends, and participating in all our tribe and YIGP events throughout the year.  

 I had an idea, and worked on designing a frame that included some of symbols from our vests.  Each fame is custom laser engraved and come in two designs.   Once I saw how nice it came out, I wanted to share with the rest of Federation and offer to make the same for anyone else interested.

Currently, there are two different templates one for princesses with their headband patch & arrow, and one for guides with their headband patch/arrow. 

Each frame costs $39.00 (+ $5 S&H*).

* Shipping and handling fees were removed from payment processing.  I'll deliver to locals directly.

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